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Shuffle master has been one of the great game developers that give attention to casino players to come up with game versions and variations that are fun and entertaining as well as they are easy to win. Every game that has been invented at the moment has at least ten versions and the power blackjack strategy is not an exception.

Power Blackjack is an innovative version of the real Blackjack that allows players to double up and also trade their card with other cards to increase their winning potentials. On the online casino, Blackjack is among the most played games so let’s look at the rules of the power Blackjack.

Power Blackjack strategy

The power blackjack also provides an option to people to intrude and split cards that would otherwise lead to small winning chances. The six-deck game happens to have the same rules like the power black jack but some improvements and amendments were made by casinos and some wager works to create a wonderful online version that will work perfectly to all people. In any natural blackjack, 3:2 payout is always made and there is always an option for the player to split up his or her cards and still double down the aces.

Power Blackjack strategy

Power Blackjack strategy

The dealer is supposed to stand at a total of 17 but in most of the casinos, land based to be specific the dealer can even hit on soft 17. The thrilling aspect of the game is when the power double is in play. This is allowed at hard hands of either 10 or 11 where the player is allowed to exchange the card he has with what is in the shoe. Every time a player exchanges card from the shoe due to double power, the card is then placed in the declined pile and it cannot be used again.

Many casinos do not allow the power Black jack to play on soft hands and so it could be fantastic to ensure that you check at the house rules before you do anything. Rules on the power blackjack may vary from house to house but they don’t have such a significant variance. The other powerful aspect of the power blackjack is the ability to split card of 15 or 16. Just like in any other split, you can split this even when the cards are not of the same rank. This is where all the power comes in.

Remember this is a risky game and whenever the dealer comes out with a total of 22 that one is considered a push and you could end up losing everything depending on the rules of the house. The strategy here is to ensure that you know when to use power double and power split to avoid making the worst out of it. Always be keen and even when you have the capacity to split or double at 9, just do it. If it is the dealers ten, face or ace card, please don’t split or double because that will be a direct loss.

Always split a total of 15 or 16 and no other number. You are always safe when you play on the online casinos that offer reliable solutions and guidelines to make the best from every game. Make a deposit with us and get 100% bonus to play all your games. As a blackjack player, always put in mind that keeping strategies is what will help you to gain the best winnings. Bet when sober and always do practice bad gambling because it could turn you to become a poor man. Luck is needs preparation to occur, make sure you practice on the free rolls to come up with the best strategies.