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This is a classical poker game which can actually take a long time to master how it is play seven-card stud poker game at the above casino at the casino for real money.

Play Seven-Card Stud Poker Game at the Above Casino

In this poker game type the players are dealt with a total of seven cards throughout the entire game but only the five cards out the seven are used to form the best hand which is used to determine of the players who is the winner. The game is usually played with a limiting structure whereby the bets are always fixed.

Play Seven-Card Stud Poker Game at the Above Casino

Play Seven-Card Stud Poker Game at the Above Casino

Rules used in playing the game

  1. Ante

Prior to the beginning of the game, all of players intending to play the game are supposed to pay an amount which depends on the game type to be played. Ante is the cost that one will have to be dealt with the cards in the game.

  1. Third Street

Each player in the game at the initial stage of the game is supposed to be dealt with 3 cards which consist of two hidden hole cards and one face up card. The player in the game with the lowest card which is exposed is termed as bring-in and thus he or she is forced to start the game. Players must have to either make another nominal ante or decide to make a full bet of the lowest betting in the game. Betting in this game proceeds in clockwise direction around the table.

  1. Fourth Street

Each of the players in the game now is dealt with a fourth street exposed card. At this stage the player who is supposed to take action first is the one with the exposed with the highest value card. For instance if there is a player with a king and happens that neither of players is showing an ace nor the better, the player with the king plays the game first.

  1. Fifth Street

After that the players are dealt with a fifth card known as a Fifth Street which is always an exposed hole card. Again at this stage there will be a round of betting in which the player to be the first to play the game is the one with the exposed cards with highest rank of poker value.

  1. Sixth Street

After the fifth street the players are dealt with an exposed card known as Sixth Street. At this it is also the player with the highest poker hand that is exposed to be the first to play in this round of the betting and the betting proceeds in clockwise direction.

  1. Seventh Street (or sometimes known as the river)

Each of the players in the game now is dealt with the seventh hole card which is known as Seventh Street and sometimes it is called the river. The card is always dealt while facing down and thus its value is only known by the owner of the owner alone. Also at this stage of the game the player to be first to act in the game is that whose exposed card has highest value of poker cards. Thereafter there is the final betting round of the game. If it happens that after this stage of the game there is still more than one player then it means that there would be a showdown.

  1. Showdown

More than one player in the game after the above betting round gives rise to the showdown. If that is the case then the last gambler or raiser is supposed to show his or her cards first before the other players. A player who happens to have the best 5-card poker hand wins the game after showdown.