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This is one of the simplified version of poker which allows gamblers to have the power to strategize because it deals mostly with creativity. From 52 card deck without jokers, this game can be played. It is an amplified and simplified version of the Pai Gow poker but instead of seven cards it uses only three cards to play the pyramid poker. It is one of the games that have gained popularity in the world of poker industry because it is simple and easy to go about coupled with lucrative payouts that make gamblers to easily make it in life without much hustle.

Play the Pyramid Poker

Before the game starts, players are allowed to wager three different places on the table. Each wager should respect the minimum and maximum payout amounts as set out by the house. The amounts can be different from each other but just mark each value and start making your own way through. Many people have been wishing that it could have been better if the cards could be only one deck dealt with. The first wager that is made normally goes to the first hand of the three card poker pyramid of the player against the banker’s hand to either win or lose.

Play the Pyramid Poker

Play the Pyramid Poker

The second hand is where you choose where to place it. This is for purposes of bonuses as set out by the house itself. The first bet which is fixed is known as the main bet because it is the same in every casino that you will play. The third wager is also an optional type of abet on the banker’s hand and the players hand on six combined cards to make players qualify for a bonus as predicted by the house itself where the person is playing. From there, we sit down and wait for the results.

Once the wagers have been made, each person is served with three cards each given while facing down to hide the suites. From the three cards, as a player you should make a two-hand card and a one hand card so that you have two hands from the three cards. The dealer will also do the same, creating two hands from the three cards dealt on earlier so both the player and the dealer both have two hands of one card and two cards each. House way rules must be followed when making the hands because they differ from casino to casino.

Rules must be applied for one to win failure to which will lead to termination of the whole bet. For example, players who have three unpaired cards should give the middle ranking card to the dealer’s one hand card. When a player is holding a pair of 2s up to 8s, then he or she should give the cards to the dealer’s two hand card to ensure that the bet is complete. When the value of the pair is 9s they still go to the dealers two hand card as long is the singleton is above six.

Once the hands have been made and everything has been finished, the hands are then exposed. Here, the player is supposed to win even money. For one to be declared a winner, his hands must outrank the dealer’s hands in total value. If the player win’s one hand, then it is considered a push and there is no winner or loser so the bet continues. If it happens that the player loses both hands, then the player loses the whole game. It is a simple game but first you must study the rules of the game for you to be perfectly sure of what you are doing.