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Harsha Bhogle – The famous commentator in ICCI. Recently he dispatched a sentence about the form of Indian cricket player Cheteshwar Pujara. Harsha described Pujara as Stoic. Stoic is an English word which means unemotional or impassive. The upcoming test series of West Indies is the recent talk among cricket fans. The reason behind this, the newly appointed Head coach, Anil Kumble. Everyone is waiting eagerly to watch his performance as a coach of Indian team. In this squad, Pujara also placed as the main player. Usually Pujara performed well in Test matches when compared to ODI and T20 series. As the reason behind of squad selection. Pujara placed inside in the partial confident level of Selectors. In his career, at his starting 17 matches, he scored 6 tons and all those 6 tons are very valuable for our Team. So he got placed in this WI series of Test squad. Harsha just spotted a word about Cheteshwar Pujara. Apart from batting, Pujara proved himself on fielding also. He believes that Pujara will score for next 12 months. Bhogle said, “Pujara tends to face some hard episodes of his life in between the time periods, many losses, unexpected injuries and wasting of balls for his concern stand with him. But surely he will fight against these stats and rise with emerging level. That’s why I mentioned him as Stoic”

Actually, what he needs?

After that sad episode in Pujara’s life some parts are very interesting that suddenly change the direction of tide blowing in the same way. Till now Pujara only played 17 test matches for the Indian team, but he did not fail to score his part in every match. Moreover, he scored 6+ tons and the average score of 50+. So likely to be batting average was maintained good for him. The man with stuff, but with lack of luck, Cheteshwar Pujara. Due to some big injuries, he can’t able to play for India. But now, he’s back with a bang. He got placed in West Indies Test Series. His kind of playing will be like the conqueror.  Now, West Indies got a Championship in all formats. So they are well ready for playing against India. At this time, Pujara will be great helpful for Indian team. He used to place a strong Foundation even on Middle level. The form in formats will vary date to date. For an ODI player, it will be easy to keep their good form. But for a Test player, it was not so much easy to handle. After a long time interval, he has to withstand for 4-5 days for a match. It will be so tough and rough to play the test and to be a test player. In his retro style of batting, hundreds are arranged by match to match. That’s the power of Pujara.

Real performance on upcoming test?

Just 17 innings is not enough to rate a player in Test. In test matches, some critical points are there to destroy batsman. Pujara’s tons are overall bigger one. So only he can withstand with his hand up to several years in Cricket. You don’t be an analyst to predict about a batsman, just be an entertainer. You can able to rate a batsman skill. Now the next version of Pujara was upgraded as Pujara 2.0 which seems to be a huge innings. It will be going to be a tough for opponent to manage Pujara after a long break. Now Pujara was breaking the nets with his practice sessions and on other hand Kumble joins with him to advise about partnership innings. So it will be dam high innings we were going to see in this Test series without any doubt.