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Table tennis or ping pong as it’s popularly known has grown into a very engaging and addictive sport over the years. It is a good recreation and leisure time activity in families. After a while of playing table tennis or just when you are getting interested in the game, you might decide to buy a ping pong table. There are a lot of benefit from a superior game of table tennis on a stiga ping pong table and things you should keep in mind while buying a table for your home.

Benefit from a Superior Game of Table Tennis on a Stiga Ping Pong Table

Initially, if you are just learning the game or your kids are, you might not want to go for such an expensive table. You and your kids can make use of a lower end table tennis table and beat the hell out of it while learning the tricks of the game. During the aggressive playing days, a table can take quite a beating and make sure u don’t waste a lot of money buying a higher end ping pong table. After your kids have matured into serious players, you can think of getting them a good Stiga ping pong table which is a good table for playing at home.

Benefit from a Superior Game of Table Tennis on a Stiga Ping Pong Table

Benefit from a Superior Game of Table Tennis on a Stiga Ping Pong Table

The next thing you have to consider is whether you will leave your table tennis table in a permanent place or keep packing and unpacking it. Most people go for a folding table, due to space constraints, which can be folded and packed away in a corner when you are not playing. Make sure that the roller wheels are good quality flexible wheels so that they can be moved easily. The braking mechanism on these wheels is very good on a Stiga ping pong table. In addition to build your endurance, table tennis training you will discover that the holding position is comfortable for you. In general, there are three positions of the racket table tennis. You can take as you would with a pen to give you more grip, but less control over what the rubber surface of your choice.

Many people are very comfortable playing on a one inch thick table because the bounce is very even. People believe that the thicker a table is, the better the bounce. Very true. But a 0.75 inch table is not bad and will give you a reasonable bounce. A one inch table is preferred because that is the table people grow up playing, especially at the community center or at tournament level. I have a one inch Stiga ping pong table at home because I grew up playing with them at school tournaments.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that your table tennis table should have strong legs and supports to withstand the test of time. Some tables come with an additional leveler which is ideal for surfaces where the floor is not the same level. Also these levelers will assist in keeping your table straight along with level. Other things you will need to check is whether the playing surface of the table is even. Run your eye at the playing surface of the table and check that there is no warping or folds on any parts of the table.

Make sure the net clamps of the table have a soft padding under them so that they do not cause any scratch marks on the table. The clamps should also not dig into the underside of the table. Finally, check out the 30-23 rule on your Stiga ping pong table. Drop a ping pong ball from a height of 30 cm anywhere on the table and it should bounce back to about 23 cm. This 23 cm bounce should be even on parts of the table and you can be pretty sure you have one of the best quality tables.