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Basketball Rules and Equipment – As the name says, Basketball is a game where the score gets counted based on the number of times you or your team puts  the ball in the basket. The game was introduced or originated in the late 18th century to keep the students warm during winters. James Naismith designed the ball in 1891. The game has seen some of the legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and so on.

Basketball Rules and Equipment

The game is a standout amongst the most stamina testing and energizing games on the planet. The rules of the game are very simple, easy to understand by watching a couple of matches on online sports TV. It is somewhere similar to all the other games like football, handball, hockey where there will be a target and the ball on the field needs to be put by the team. The number of successful goals leads to the winner.

Basketball Rules and Equipment

Basketball Rules and Equipment


We all have seen basketball on sportsbook sites TV and most of the players are well built or at least taller than the general populations. There is no such rule which defines a player’s height in the game and it has no connect to the game. Though it is a proved fact that  people who are taller have the maximum chances to score than the people who are not taller, we can a whole lot of players who are short and made their name on the international board of Basketball.

There are all chances where a player of average height will be able to defeat another who is of great height with his/her practice and tactics. The shorter player will have other advantages compared to the player who is taller. Sometimes, it is easier for a short player to tackle and pass the ball to a different player in his team.

Game tricks and simple rules

Basketball is a simple game where two teams with an equal number of players need a ball of appropriate size and a net which is slightly higher in the circumference of the ball which is to be played. Two teams will struggle, defeat, take away the ball tactfully to put it in the basket. The Winner will be based on the number of times you or your team has managed to put the ball inside the basketball ring. Professional basketball will be played by having two baskets where each team will have their own baskets, but beginners can advantage of the game by having one basket where both the teams will be fighting each other to put the ball in the basket.

Usually, full court games played with 5 or more 5 people on each side excluding substitutes and half court games would be played between 3 each on both the teams excluding substitutes. The game would be live all the time until the referee chooses to pause the game for reasons like injury, substitute and so on.

Basketball Sizes   

Basketballs come in various sizes for different age groups. Balls are commonly available in three sizes like youth, intermediate and adult sizes. Most of the commonly available balls are made of rubber and synthetic leather. These balls are not meant to be kicked by the leg because of its elasticity of rubber and will be used by hand while playing the actual game.

Basketball Court and boards

The basketball court will be of 94ft long and it is required for any player to shoot only from the half court line.

Regulation hoops are the ones which will be found on both the corners or ends of the court, where players try to put the ball in the basket. The boards are 10ft high and 18inch in diameter. Typically supported by a board which will be used for players to bounce the ball before putting in the basket.